Explosion-proof luminaires, degree of protection IP65, with body made of stainless steel and safety glass. Suitable for T8 fluorescent lamps and special mechanisms for protection in explosive environments.


Suitable for chemical products industries, oil refineries, plants in coastal areas and laboratories with high risk of explosion in zones 2 / 22 according to standard IEC 79 and the European Directive ATEX 94 / 9 / EC.

Technical Data


• Body made of stainless steel (AISI 304), 0.8mm thick, without welding, for excellent resistance to mechanical strain. Metal frame made of stainless steel (AISI 304), 1.0mm thick, without welding. Elastic EPDM filling with especially designed cross-section in a channel between body and frame. When the luminaire locks, a metal contact between the two metal parts keeps the frame at the required distance and the additional pressure of the elastic filling is released and its shape and elasticity are maintained.
• Heat resistant protective glass, 4mm thick, with high resistance to mechanical strain, mounted on a frame with stainless steel screws (AISI 304) and suspended with the use of a special hinge mechanism for maintenance purposes. Rubber silicone interminable ring for complete sealing.
• The electrical circuit is supported by a stainless steel plate (AISI 304), 1.0mm thick that connects to a smart mechanism for removal and suspension from the luminaire in case of maintenance. The metal plate operates internally as a reflector with symmetric light beam.
• Protection class I. Degree of protection IP65.
• Explosion classes (ATEX 94 / 9 / EC):
EEx nA II T5 / T90°C (-30°C / 40°C)
EEx nA II T5 / T100°C (-30°C / 50°C)
EEx nA II T4 / T105°C (-30°C / 55°C)
Luminaires suitable for class 1 zone 2 (gases) and zone 22 (dust).
• All necessary components for ceiling suspension are included.
• Bakelite terminal block 2P+E with equipotential earth bonding in the metal body and the plate housing the electrical circuit (terminal block 3P+E for emergency luminaire version).
• Two cable input-output positions, 21mm in diameter. The first position includes a metal cable gland. The second one is fitted with a rubber socket and is also available with a second gland for in-line installation of several luminaires.
• Circuit with high frequency electronic ballast for smooth operation and energy saving.
• Operating voltage AC 220-240V ±10% 50/60Hz.
• Suitable for linear T8 fluorescent lamps.
• Special version as emergency luminaire with 60-minute stable luminance duration or 90-minute diminishing luminance duration.


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