Wall or ceiling luminaires, degree of protection IP65, with additional specular, parabolic reflector behind each fluorescent lamp for enhancing light performance and saving energy, and stainless diffuser retaining components.

Suitable for areas with ambient temperature up to 35°C. For shops, parking lots, industries, warehouses, laboratories, without special demands for breaking and temperature resistance.

  • Plastic base made of reinforced polystyrene (PS-I) and diffuser made of polystyrene (PS).
  • Two perimetrical channels (one filled with elastic polyurethane) for protection and sealing against dust and humidity.
  • Use of internal durable reflector, coated with pure aluminum 99.9% enhancing light performance by 25% compared to similar luminaires with white reflector. The material of the reflector is highly resistant to mechanical strain, corrosion and fingerprints.
  • Easy connection-disconnection (wiring) of the luminaire through direct access to the electrical components with the base mounted at the bottom of the luminaire.
  • The luminaires are supplied fully assembled with stainless steel connecting clips for the base and the diffuser. They are supplied fully assembled with the suspension and support components of the luminaire for fast installation.
  • Protection class I. Degree of protection IP 65. Impact resistance ΙΚ 07.
  • Τ8 lamp (26 mm in diameter). Luminaire is available in different operating voltages and frequencies.
  • Lampholders made of durable polycarbonate.
  • The cables inside the luminaire are firmly attached to the internal surface of the base.
  • Wiring made of highly heat resistant cables (HT 105°C / 0,5 mm²).












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