Electronic adaptors designed mainly to convert T8 lamp old luminaires with magnetic ballasts to operate with the newer generation T5 lamps. Applied to all batten fitting types, for enhanced light performance and significant energy savings.

For renovation of general lighting in stores, offices, industries, public buildings, supermarkets, corridors, building entrances, garages, architectural cove lighting etc. Best performance provided when combined with RSK series of specular reflectors.

1. About the lamp…

  • Warm start ignition of the lamps for both lamp end filaments. This signifies a longer lifetime for the lamp, with a total service life of 20000 hours. All other adaptors use cold start ignition or warm start ignition only for the one side of the lamp.
  • 3-year warrantee for OSRAM lamps.

2. About the ballast…

  • Top quality product, certified with ENEC, VDE and EMV marks from the official electrotechnical laboratory of Germany (VDE).
  • Smooth and error-free operation in harsh environmental conditions of -25°C up to +75°C.
  • 100.000 hours of operational life translates into 32 years of problem-free operation after installation of the adaptor (for 10-hour daily operation, 6 days a week). Common adaptors provide half of this lifespan or less.
  • 5-year warrantee for the OSRAM ballast.

3. For the installer…

  • The adaptor is fitted onto the luminaire without rotation and locks into place with accuracy through two securing levers.
  • Adjusts onto the fixture without affecting the general appearance of the luminaire. In fact, it serves as a cover for possible imperfections of the retrofitted luminaire.
  • The lampholder is not burdened by any extra weight as the adaptor is held in place by 2 support clamps which do not allow it to fall out if the lampholder happens to be fragile or aged.

4. For the owner…

  • The SAVEway adaptor is a market leader in terms of energy savings. All other adaptors available in the market consume 8% to 14% more energy.
  • Optimal light output is provided at the working plane: up to 11% more illuminance than known competitor brands.
  • The double SAVEway adaptor for two lamps costs much less than the price of two single adaptors. All other competitive brands require 2 sets of single adaptors doubling the overall installation cost.

5. More advantages…

  • OVE and EMC (EMV) certification by the official electrotechnical laboratory in Austria. The SAVEway adaptor is the first to fulfill all European and national standards for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, current harmonics, as well as immunity to electric fluctuations and durability in harsh conditions.
  • The SAVEway adaptor is also available with dimmable ballast, converting old luminaires into ones with adjustable illuminance and power consumption.
  • It can be fitted with 3 reflector types of different sizes and different photometric characteristics. Variable lampholder positions eliminate gaps created when using different reflector types of different widths.
  • Reflector rotation allows for conversion of simple luminaires into ones with symmetric, asymmetric, narrow or wide light beams. Wide or narrow beams allow optimum illuminance whether the task area is at 2m or 10m from the lighting installation height.
  • A special version of the SAVEway adaptor is suitable for use even with old parabolic luminaires bearing a reflector grid, converting them into electronic fixtures and optimizing their light output.


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