Specular, parabolic reflectors mounted on T8 or T5 lamps of all luminaires (batten fitting type) for enhanced light performance and energy saving with narrow or wide light beam and adjustable direction.

For general lighting in shops, offices, industries, public buildings, supermarkets, corridors, building entrances, garages and many house applications for architectural cove lighting.

  • Made of synthetic multi-layered material with specular aluminum coating of high purity (99,9%) through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology for high light performance.
  • Control of light beam focus to the desired direction in all reflector types.
  • Selection of symmetric or asymmetric light beam distribution in double luminaire reflectors.
  • Narrow (for great heights) or wide (for small heights) light beam for double luminaire reflectors.
  • External corrosion protection of the aluminum made of transparent film for resistance to pollutants, humidity and chemical agents with additional protection against scratches.
  • Flexible material that cannot be damaged under usual pressures and other mechanical stresses, restoring original reflector shape when the pressure is eliminated.
  • Absence of iridescent effect due to light refraction that distorts color performance (CRI - Color Rendering Index) of the lamps.
  • Significant weight reduction above 50% compared to aluminum and above 85% compared to iron sheet, materials used for the manufacturing of nearly all reflectors.
  • Mounted within a few seconds in linear fluorescent lamps (batten fittings) without moving or opening the installed luminaire.
  • Suitable for new and existing luminaire installations improving the look of other luminaires as well.
  • Energy saving from 30% to 50% due to the increased light performance of the luminaire at the working level with standard increase from 50% to 150% in usual applications.


  • For double luminaires (two T8 or T5 lamps) two RSKE reflectors are used. Narrow or wide light beam adjusted by the user by simple rotation of the reflectors to the desired direction.
  • Note that reflectors with narrow beam are suitable for great heights (above 3m), reflectors with wide beam are suitable for small heights (up to 3m)


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