Architectural, pendant, fluorescent luminaires, with metal body coated with white electrostatic paint, and shiny dense aluminum louvers or dense grid of square cells and prismatic, acrylic diffusers over the luminaire. For use in applications demanding a combination of direct and indirect light distribution.

For offices with computers, supermarkets, stores, exhibition halls, building entrances, foyer, public buildings, offices, banks, museums, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms or teaching classes, waiting halls, stations or ports.

  • Body made of steel sheet 0.6mm thick. Coated with white electrostatic polyurethane paint RAL 9003 with additional UV protection. Luminaires suitable for suspension from ceilings.
  • Optical system with dense, square cells (types “7Α”, “7Β”, “7Κ”) or shiny dense louvers (types “7Μ”, “7Ν”, “7Ρ”, “7Τ”) made of high performance and high purity anodized aluminum. Prismatic acrylic diffusers on the upper part of the luminaire for indirect light. Double parabolic louvers that do not produce light iridescence.
  • Certified by international electrotechnical laboratories with ENEC mark.
  • Protection class I. Degree of protection ΙΡ 20.
  • For T5 lamps (16 mm in diameter) and operation with electronic ballast or T8 lamps (26 mm in diameter) and optional electronic or electromagnetic ballast. The luminaire is available in different operating voltages and frequencies.
  • Lampholders made of durable polycarbonate.
  • The suspension components with wire cables 1250 mm in length are included in the luminaire packaging. In-line mounting of a great number of luminaires is also possible.


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