Recessed, parabolic fluorescent luminaires for plasterboard and mineral fiber T-bar false ceiling (guide step 600mm) with additional specular, parabolic reflector behind each fluorescent lamp for enhancing light performance and saving energy using a specular reflector grid of double parabolicity.

For offices with computers, for reading, writing and teaching activities, shops, conference halls, exhibition halls.

  • Base consisting of a galvanized metal main part with two robust plastic sidewalls. The reduced weight of the luminaire puts minimum load on the false ceiling and facilitates installation.
  • Split reflector grid: one part covers completely the area below the lamps and increases light performance by 25% compared to other similar luminaires.
  • The material of the reflector is extremely resistant to mechanical strain, corrosion and fingerprints.
  • Certified by international electrotechnical laboratories with ENEC mark.
  • Protection class I. Degree of protection IP 20. Antiglare category III.
  • For T8 fluorescent lamps (26 mm in diameter). Luminaire is available in different operating voltages and frequencies.
  • Lampholders made of durable polycarbonate.
  • The cables inside the luminaire are firmly attached to the internal surface of the base.
  • Wiring made of highly heat resistant cables (HT 105°C / 0.5mm²).
  • Every circuit with electromagnetic ballast includes a capacitor for the suppression of radio frequency interferences 0.022 μF / 275 VAC.
  • Individual packaging in carton box and protective soft transparent film.















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