Photometry DIALux

Aiming for realistic assessments of the superiority of its internationally patented energy saving luminaires, Pilux & Danpex offers DIALux, the most internationally advanced photometry software program, translated in many languages for its partners worldwide.

DIALux is a professional software program of German origin which conducts studies on photometry / lighting technology for indoor and outdoor light installations. Imaging is carried out in unrivaled speed and quality with three-dimensional photorealistic simulation. The software uses photometric characteristics of real luminaires which are stored in electronic libraries. These libraries have been created by the largest lighting manufacturers worldwide that, along with Pilux & Danpex, participate in the development of the program (more than 60 companies involved in luminaire manufacturing are currently included in this program).

Depending on the application, the studies and calculations of the appropriate lighting in specific areas are based on accepted required light levels. | download [pdf]

For the assessment of lighting installations a reliable photometric instrument must be used by every engineering, designer, technician or installer of luminaires:




The pocket-sized photometric instrument (with case) recommended by Pilux & Danpex includes 4 zones, 3½ digit LCD, with limit values of 200, 2,000, 20,000 και 50,000 Lux respectively, 0.1 Lux resolution at the lower scale.


Requirements: 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution. | Latest Flash Player download | Acrobat Reader download


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